Blog Tour Launch for The Killed Conscience by Jordan Antonacci

I am incredibly excited for today’s post featuring author Jordan Antonacci.  I started this blog partly with the hope of helping independent authors celebrate and promote their work so I’m always happy when I have a chance to do just that.

Welcome to Jordan and his newest book, The Killed Conscience



The Killed Conscience cover-1 (2)

Investigative journalist Emilee Weathers is hungry for the perfect story and not too particular about how she has to get it. Asked to help find new evidence for a convicted serial killer’s appeal, she heads for the mountain town of Pigeon Forge.

When she discovers the body of a recent victim, the questions come thick and fast. Has she happened upon the work of a copycat? Is the real killer still out there? And is there anybody in this neck of the woods she can trust?


The Killed Conscience went on sale yesterday and is available at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited.


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To get the tour started for The Killed Conscience, I’ve got an interview with Jordan and an excerpt for you to read today.


author interview

Jordan Antonacci… That’s a pretty cool name.  Is it a pen name or your very own?

Ha-ha, nope, the name’s all mine. It’s not the name I was born with, though. I’ve always been Jordan, but my last name used to be different. It was changed to Antonacci when my dad adopted me at 13. So… yeah, we have my dad to thank for the pretty cool name. I definitely like it. A teacher once told me she’d marry me just for my last name. I told her “Okay!”

Hmm… I’ll just file that away for future reference…

So tell me Jordan (if that’s really your name) why did you choose this particular time to launch your new book… other than the wonderful fact that it coincides with my birthday, of course?

Well, when I started writing the book back in November of 2017, I sat down and said, “Hm, now how do I time this so that its release aligns perfectly with Nina’s birthday?” No, not really. That’d be weird; especially since I didn’t even know you then.

¡Point taken!

I’m a rather impatient, let’s do it nowkind of guy, and this was just the earliest I could get the book out. Nothing really special about it, sadly. I would’ve released it earlier, but I had to give the book bloggers six weeks to get the book read and reviewed. Ha-ha, I sound like I’m complaining but I’m not.


On the topic of birthdays, I was reading a book the other day that mentioned zodiac signs.  I’m a Cancer, what’s your sign?  

I’m a Taurus. Do those signs go together? If not, I’m sure we can still make it work.

Think I read something somewhere about earth and water signs, l guess they’re more compatible than fire and water.  🔥💦🔥💦


Do you think your sign has played into your desire to be an author?

I have no idea. If I’m being honest, I don’t know much about signs… Hold on and I’ll look it up.

Okay, so Google is telling me that those with the sign of the Taurus are known for being ambitious, sensual, and having an eye for beauty. I’d definitely say I’m all those things. Put them together and you have a sensitive guy who wants to create art all the time. By the way, I also saw that the Taurus is compatible with the Cancer, so… How you doin’?

Too cute! 😉


Okay, so for my last question, let’s make it really specific to The Killed Conscience.  Why did you choose this particular excerpt to put on the tour?
Well—this is a mystery, so it’s hard finding a spot in the story that doesn’t give away spoilers or start at a confusing place. I wanted an excerpt that introduced the main characters and their personalities, but that was also dark and dramatic. In this little piece from the book, everyone is eagerly trying to leave the cabin, but after Casey crashes on the icy roads, they realize they’re stuck on that mountain with a murderer on the loose. It’s got drama, heart, and a touch of humor—which sums up The Killed Conscience perfectly.


Thank you very much Jordan!!! It was a pleasure to have you here today.  I wish you all the very best in promoting The Killed Conscience and in your future writing endeavours!


Now, check out this excerpt from The Killed Conscience….



Beneath a starry night’s sky, Emilee and everyone at the cabin all stood around the flickering flames of a fire just in front of the trees. All were wrapped in sweaters, gloves, and scarves. Sebastian stood with his arm around Morgan; she was snuggled up under his arm with her head resting against his chest. Skylar sat in a plastic lawn chair with her legs crossed and her thumbs tapping away on her phone. Emilee and Sebastian were across from each other, on opposite sides of the fire. A bit too far to comfortably carry on a conversation, but not too far to keep them from catching each other’s eyes. James sat in the only other lawn chair, and by his feet, Emilee sat in the dirt and rocks.

After taking a gulp from his beer, Casey grabbed a flashlight, put the beam beneath his chin, and said, “So who wants to have the shit scared out of them with a scary story?” The shadows distorted his face into something wicked as he grinned wide.

“Ooh, I do. Which one?” Skylar asked.

“Good question, Sky. I’m thinking,” he took another sip, “since Emilee is about to interview the psychopath, why don’t we hear about VDK?”

“Okay, maybe now isn’t the best time to be telling this story,” Sebastian said.

“What? We’ve got the location, the night, the cold, a fire… and the potential for the killer to be set free soon. What more could you ask for?”

Sebastian let his head fall back as he groaned.

Casey began before anyone else could interject: “Five years ago, there was a girl by the name of Kayla Lawrence. Twenty years old, bubbly personality, all around beautiful girl. Two nights before Christmas, she went to sleep in her home. The next morning, when her parents stopped by, Kayla was nowhere to be seen. Her family quickly reported her missing, and after investigation, police found no sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle, no sign of foul play whatsoever. It was like aliens had just come down and—boop—plucked her straight from the face of the Earth.”

Sebastian tried waving the story away. “Okay, that’s enou—”

“A couple months later, it was Valentine’s Day. The girl’s name was Luna McBeth. That night, she’d gone to a club downtown with some of her friends. It was almost midnight when she told her friends goodbye and left by herself. Security cameras showed her leaving the club and walking across the street to the parking lot… but she never reached her car. The next day, it was still sitting in that parking lot, locked. Just like Kayla, Luna had vanished without a single trace.”

“Dun dun dunnn,” Sebastian interrupted loudly, making a few people jump.

“It wasn’t long before police connected the two, based solely on identity,” Casey continued. “Both girls were young, petite, black hair, Caucasian.” Casey looked up at Emilee. “Kind of like Emilee… Anyway, almost two years later, some foreigners were hiking through these mountains when one stepped onto a ‘very soft patch of dirt’ that turned out to be the decaying corpse of Luna McBeth. Not far from her, another body was found that wasn’t ever identified. And just like that, the Valentine’s Day Killer was born.”

“Oh wow,” Morgan said.

Following the story was a quiet that arrived and threatened to stay. No one could seem to find the words to make it leave.

Then, there was a sound. So soft, yet so deafening in that silence. Everyone went stiff—stiff like a group of cadavers. They each exchanged looks with slightly widened eyes.

“What was that?” Morgan’s voice was brittle.

The noise had come from the dark flooding the trees of those woods. Sounded like the subtle snapping of a dry twig. Seemed like everyone was hoping to let the gripping moment pass… until it came back to grab them once more.


Author Bio

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.51.46 PM.png

Jordan Antonacci is an HVAC Technician by day and blogger by night, working out of the hot, hot lands of Dallas, Texas. When he isn’t trying to avoid heat stroke, he can be found at his desk with an espresso, brewing up a new story or a post for his blog. Outside of writing, Jordan has a mild case of wanderlust. He enjoys road trips, cruises, and flights out to California to visit his family. His dream is to make a living with writing and visit every country the world has to offer.

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You can follow the blog tour for more interviews with Jordan, excerpts and reviews!

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June 25 &26: Laura – LFBooks
June 27: Kelly Griffiths


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  1. Loved your interview… Hey Jordan how you doing…
    Cozy babe, you are just too funny. What a great chemistry you guys had on the post. So fun loved it…
    Congratulations Jordan and good luck..

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  2. Ha ha! What a cute interview!! I’m a Leo, which is a fire sign… Does that mean we can’t be friends, Nina?? 😭😢😢😭
    I think Jordan’s teacher would have been fired for proposing to him like that these days! 😉😂
    I’ll have to check. Out his book! 💖💖📖🍻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like fire in my friends just fine! Lol. makes up for my quieter nature 😂
      Haha… she may just have been in trouble these days 🙊
      I’ve seen some pretty good reviews so far on his tour for the book!

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