Father Figure: SALE Alert and Virtual Book Club Meeting @jamescudney4 @TDrinketh

All of James J Cudney's books are on sale this month... but this one is extra special! On June 12th, Nicole over at TheBookwormDrinketh is hosting a virtual book club meeting to discuss Father Figure. Jay will be joining us and there are some fantastic prizes to be had too. Check out Nicole's post to... Continue Reading →

Why I love Historical Fiction

I adore how well-written historical fiction can bring an emotional understanding to issues that no textbook ever could. In doing so, readers / students / historians even can connect with a piece of the past in an even more authentic way.  What are some of your favourites in this genre? Given my profession, as I... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award (2)

  I was nominated by Joe @ StoreysofStories. Thanks very much Joe.  I know he's hard at work writing for the NaNoWriMo challenge and I just want to wish him all the best in this last week!  He also loves to send me tags and challenges just to see which of us can annoy the other... Continue Reading →

Remember November #RemNovember

  Kathy from Books & Munches hosts reading challenges each month (and provided that cute featured image).  The last one I did was in February, I believe.  I saw this coming month's challenge and knew I had to give it a try too.  November's challenge is called Remember November. The challenge is pretty straightforward: all you... Continue Reading →

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