Terry Pratchett Read-a-thon: Book 1- The Colour of Magic

Some logistics first: If you want to participate in the Terry Pratchett Read-a-thon, just give Nicole a shout out for the next book at The Bookwork Drinketh.   Today the focus is on Book 1- The Colour of Magic but I believe there are more to come. The synopsis: “Twoflower was a tourist, the first... Continue Reading →


Review of Cherringham: A Cosy Crime Series, Episode 1-3

Thank you very much to Cathy over at Between the Lines for introducing me to this series.  It was a great find.   Jack's a retired ex-cop from New York, seeking the simple life in Cherringham. Sarah's a Web designer who's moved back to the village to find herself. But their lives are anything but... Continue Reading →

3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1

It was fun doing it once, so I'm thrilled to do it twice. I was tagged by the wonderful Shalini of Books, Reviews Et Al by Shalini to complete the 3-Day Quote Challenge.  Please do check out her blog, if you haven't already, for lots of insightful reviews and cheeky commentary.  Thank you for tagging me... Continue Reading →

The Unique Blogger Award (2)

    Thank you very much to my blog buddy Siobhan for this nomination.  I suggest you head over to her site to enjoy some very insightful reviews on the books she reads.  Her blog, Siobhan's Novelties, has a beautiful design and is a pleasure to read. THE RULES Display the award! Thank the person... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday (4)

  J.W. over at Storeys of Stories has started a fun, new meme. Taken from his introduction: First Impression Friday will be a meme where you talk about a book that you JUST STARTED! Maybe you’re only a chapter or two in, maybe a little farther.  Based on this sampling of your current read, give a... Continue Reading →

This or That Tag

Happy Weekend!!! It's Saturday and I've got another tag to do thanks to Richa over at iScriblr. Today's Tag is the This or That Tag.  It's really looonnngggg, so I picked out about two thirds of the questions from the original list.     RULES 1 Thank & tag the person that has tagged you... Continue Reading →

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