Cozy Spotlight on A Flight of Broken Wings by Nupur Chowdhury

One of the things I love about book blogging is meeting some of the truly sweet authors out there and helping them to promote their books.  I’m happy Nupur stumbled across my blog and I’m very excited to feature her latest book and a guest post too!


Six hundred years ago, humanity rose up in revolt against the Aeriels, who were driven from earth and back into their homeland of Vaan after a bloody and glorious war.

Eight years ago, Ruban’s home was destroyed and his family murdered by an Aeriel. 

When a new Aeriel threat looms over Ragah, the capital city of Vandram, Ruban Kinoh must do everything in his power to avenge his family’s past and protect the future of his country. 

Which is hard enough without being saddled with a pretty and pompous aristocrat, who seems as useless as he is vain. Faced with a conspiracy that might cost humanity its hard-won freedom, and accompanied by the bejeweled and glitter-clad Ashwin Kwan, Ruban begins his journey into a land where the past and the future intertwine. 

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Buddy Cops and Badassery – the Best of All Tropes

Witty banter. That’s what makes a good movie (or TV show) great. In my opinion, at least. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved shows and films that featured a satisfying bout of banter – the wittier the better. 

And no one does witty banter better than buddy cop shows, of course. Not that the ‘buddies’ in question even have to be cops, necessarily, although they often are. All kinds of duos can serve the same purpose – from a criminal and an FBI agent in White Collar to a novelist and police detective in Castle. 

The important part is that the two protagonists should be as different from each other as possible, and neither should ever be more than a hair’s breadth away from mortal danger. 

It’s no wonder that this trope is so popular, when you think about it. It has two of the cardinal rules of good storytelling built right into it – conflict and character development. 

Throw two drastically different people together and give them a common mission; you’ve struck conflict gold right there. 

Add to that the fact that these two people must learn to trust and (horror of horrors) even like each other, by letting go of their prejudices and preconceived notions, in order to reach their goals and fulfill their purpose – and lo and behold! You’ve got something that smells suspiciously like character development.

What’s not to like, am I right? 

With such a premise, witty banter would be almost difficult to avoid for anyone with half a sense of humor. 

White Collar, Suits, Person of Interest, Rizzoli & Isles, Common Law, and so forth…almost all of my favorite shows on TV seem to have this one thing in common. But somehow, I’ve hardly ever seen this trope used to its full potential in novels. 

Now of course, I don’t claim to have read every novel ever written. There might well be plenty of books that use the buddy cop trope, and if you happen to find any good ones, do let me know! 

But I’ve read my fair share of thrillers and detective fiction, and the closest I’ve ever come to this trope is the Sherlock Holmes/John Watson type of relationship, also seen to a lesser extent in Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Hastings duo. But in both of these cases – the BBC Sherlock notwithstanding – the relationship between the characters isn’t exactly equal. It’s more of a hero-sidekick dynamic than what you’d expect to see in a typical buddy movie. 

So here’s the thing. I wanted to read a book. And it was a very specific book that I wanted to read.

I wanted a book with two protagonists – each the polar opposite of the other – who hated one another on sight, but had to work together to rescue each other from the mouth of hell and the jaws of death and all that jazz, all while bickering wittily amidst a storm of blood, blades and bullets.

Sound fun? Sure did to me. Only problem was, for the life of me, I couldn’t find such a book! 

So what did I do? The next best thing, obviously. I wrote one. 

And since I was taking the trouble anyway, I also decided to add in some of my other favorite tropes – namely, family feuds, political maneuvering and interspecies conflict. And of course, angels. Or at least, something that could be mistaken for an angel on a particularly dark and stormy night, if you’d forgotten your glasses in the bathroom. 

And that, really, was how A Flight of Broken Wings was born. Not so much because I had a story inside of me, as because I couldn’t find the one I wanted to read anywhere outside. And of course, it didn’t hurt that I could make my poor, beleaguered heroes as snarky, sarcastic, and death defying as I pleased. 

So I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Author Bio

Nupur Chowdhury is the author of A Flight of Broken Wings and The Classroom Effect. Apart from novels, she enjoys writing poetry and the occasional short story. She was four when she started writing. Now, some 20 years later, it’s more an addiction than a hobby.
Nupur likes coffee, street food, fanfiction, and sleep. She dislikes yogurt, slow internet, unnecessary cliffhangers, and being woken up in the morning.
You can find her on Facebook, Wattpad, Goodreads, and Twitter. And if you can’t, it’s probably because she’s busy sleeping.  

You can also check out her blog @

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