Review of Fairy Godmothers Inc by Saranna DeWylde #FairyGodmothersInc #NetGalley

Believe me when I say the blurb gives you no warning as to what exactly this story is about. But that's okay as it turns out to be a light-hearted, entertaining ride. First in a magical new series full of edgy and hilarious antics, this is the read you need to finally give your year... Continue Reading →

Read and TBR for December and January

Look at us.... all arrived and fresh-faced in 2021. Fingers crossed it's a happy, healthy and productive one. I'm supposed to be feeling all refreshed and ready to tackle a new semester. I'm not going to lie though, I'm already missing my later morning wake-up times. Lol. The boys re-start school on Wednesday. They'll be... Continue Reading →

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