Review of Freaky Fangs by Amanda M. Lee

Mystic Caravan Circus is in flux. Things are shifting in the organization, new faces are joining the fray, and manager Poet Parker isn’t certain how to deal with it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have time to figure it out.Kentucky is on the horizon, and a roadside accident that claims a family has caught Poet’s... Continue Reading →

Review of To Love a Witch by Amanda M. Lee

Book 16 in the Wicked witches of the Midwest series is a magical delight both mysterious and romantic and definitely one to please series readers. Bay Winchester is at a crossroads in her life. Her powers are growing, her personal life is settled, and there’s a young witch in crisis under her care.Things are …... Continue Reading →

Review of Breaking Bat by Erin Johnson

Happy Publication Day to Erin Johnson on the release of Breaking Bat, Book 6 in the Magic Market Mysteries. A curse stole one witch’s powers, but gave her the ability to speak with animals. Now she helps a hunky police officer and his sassy, lie-detecting canine solve paranormal mysteries. When a bride’s murdered on her... Continue Reading →

Review of Only the Lost by Amanda M. Lee

Izzy Sage is settling into her new job, enjoying her new romance, and only has one thing on her mind: Choosing a new assistant to help her at Belle Isle’s death gate. All of that changes when the gate malfunctions. Instead of dragging someone over, though, it sends five people back.Years ago, a group of... Continue Reading →

Review of Gone Witch by Nova Wilson

A witch is missing, and if I can't find her, Eastwind may never be the same.  When a North Wind witch vanishes, the Eastwind Coven asks for my help finding her. But unless she's dead and feeling chatty, I don't know how much help my Fifth Wind powers will be.Lucky for the Coven, though, I'm in... Continue Reading →

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