Review of A Spell For Trouble by Esme Addison

Thanks to NetGalley, I’ve found a new must-read series... like I needed anymore! But I'm making room for the Enchanted Bay Mystery series. Fun, quirky characters, an imaginative magical reality and an intriguing plot line all combine to create a story that held my attention and kept me awake one night to finish!  Aleksandra Daniels hasn't... Continue Reading →

Review of Grave Seasons by Lily Harper Hart

Thanksgiving is here, and while Maddie Graves is thrilled to be sharing the holiday with the love of her life, Nick Winters, she’s also slightly manic about hosting her first big family meal, but that’s cause for family hijinks more than actual worry.Maddie’s anxiety shifts to a new problem when Detroit Detective Dwight Kincaid –... Continue Reading →

Review of Friday Night Bites by Erin Johnson

Erin's back with the second book in her Magic Market Mysteries series. Runway rivalries. An arcane arachnid. Can she unravel this designer death?Pet psychic Jolene needs some excitement to keep her mind off her downward spiral. So when her dreamy police crush asks her to interview a massive eight-legged murder witness, the former shifter signs... Continue Reading →

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