Review of Breaking Bat by Erin Johnson

Happy Publication Day to Erin Johnson on the release of Breaking Bat, Book 6 in the Magic Market Mysteries. A curse stole one witch’s powers, but gave her the ability to speak with animals. Now she helps a hunky police officer and his sassy, lie-detecting canine solve paranormal mysteries. When a bride’s murdered on her... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday (19)

J.W. over at Storeys of Stories hosts this meme. Taken from J.W.’s introduction: • Based on this sampling of your current read, give a few impressions and predict what you’ll think by the end.• Did you think you’d love it and ended up hating it? Or did you think you’d hate it and wound up loving it? Or were you exactly right?•... Continue Reading →

Review of Mouse of Cards by Erin Johnson

Congratulation to Erin Johnson on the publication of the fourth book in her Magic Market Mysteries! A cursed sleuth. A gallery of secrets. Will this cryptic case be her last?Pet psychic Jolene is still plagued by a hex that keeps her powers on a leash. So when her detective crush asks for help solving a strange... Continue Reading →

Review of Friday Night Bites by Erin Johnson

Erin's back with the second book in her Magic Market Mysteries series. Runway rivalries. An arcane arachnid. Can she unravel this designer death?Pet psychic Jolene needs some excitement to keep her mind off her downward spiral. So when her dreamy police crush asks her to interview a massive eight-legged murder witness, the former shifter signs... Continue Reading →

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