2020 Goodreads Challenge 2021

Hello books of 2021. I cannot wait to meet you! What a year 2020 was. My reading was definitely affected at various points throughout the year. There were the months were I read 10+ books as I sought to escape into light, sweet stories. There were also a couple highly stressful months at work where... Continue Reading →

2019 Goodreads Challenge 2020

Another year in reading adventures begins! Last year I ended up seriously limiting how many author requests I took on and joined less blog tours (for reviews). I needed the flexibility to be a bit more moody in my reading selections and I wanted to start catching up on some series I'd fallen behind on.... Continue Reading →

2019 Reading Challenges – Update

With the first third of the year up, I figured I was well past due for a challenge check-in. I published a post about which ones I'd be participating in at the beginning of the year and I'm pleased to say, I'm doing okay. Goodreads Challenge 2019 I'm pretty happy about this one and can... Continue Reading →

Remember November #RemNovember

  Kathy from Books & Munches hosts reading challenges each month (and provided that cute featured image).  The last one I did was in February, I believe.  I saw this coming month's challenge and knew I had to give it a try too.  November's challenge is called Remember November. The challenge is pretty straightforward: all you... Continue Reading →

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