Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland – Review and Blog Tour

Let’s not even have any doubts about how much I enjoyed this book. It’s by Jessica after all, and we’ve once again returned to Hedgehog Hollow. Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow.

Every family has its secrets, and at Hedgehog Hollow there is no exception…

It was always Samantha’s dream to run her beautiful rescue centre, Hedgehog Hollow, full-time. But just as her wish comes true, she becomes a victim of her own kindness when she finds herself with a house full of guests – all with their own problems and secrets – looking to her for support.

When her self-absorbed cousin, Chloe, unexpectedly turns up at the farm – swiftly handing over her baby to Samantha to care for – trouble is definitely brewing. Especially as Chloe won’t tell anyone why she’s left her husband, James…

As Samantha juggles new hedgehog arrivals, family dramas and her own health challenges, it soon becomes clear that she needs to start putting herself first for once. Little does she know that life-changing secrets from the past are about to unravel and turn their lives upside down…

Return to glorious Hedgehog Hollow with top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland for a heartwarming, emotional but uplifting story of family, friendship and moving on from the past.

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Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow is the third book centred around Samantha Wishaw, her family, friends and a gorgeous hedgehog sanctuary. I suppose some might say you could read the books on their own. However, I honestly believe the true enjoyment of these novels lies in understanding the characters and having their backstories in your mind. My suggestion: Read these books in order!

While Book 1 was exclusively about Sam and how she built herself back up from her lowest point and then was able to welcome love back into her life through meeting Thomas (a surrogate grandfather) and then Josh (the man of her dreams), Book 2 took us more into Josh’s life and how he ended up in a place where he could be happy once again. Book 3 forces us to look deeper into the life of Samantha’s cousin, Chloe, and what a story there’s to be told!

In terms of drama and suspense, Jessica nails it with Chloe’s tale. Readers are teased with juicy bits of her past only to be yanked back into the present. There’s also the changing perspectives from Chloe to Samantha to keep you on your toes. As much as Chloe’s story is juicy, this is really Sam’s show and I loved her chapters especially as we get to see how her relationship with Josh is progressing and how the work of the hedgehog rescue is expanding. This is partly why I think it’s important to read the books in order. Sam’s challenges in this story are directly related to events that happened in past stories. There is no one major challenge she has to cope with in this novel but rather several smaller issues that collide. Her support system is fully in place and we have a chance to catch up with some favourites from past books as well.

I loved seeing old favourites, but Chloe and Samantha’s mother are anything but! In fact, I thought this author was rather brave to deliver a book based a very unlikeable character. But Jessica is a brilliant writer and even with no love to spare for Chloe, I could not help but be drawn into her story. Chloe is so complex and her many layers are not just peeled away but ripped off, one by one, until readers see her quite plainly for who and what she is. Once we’re down to the bare bones, it’s time for us to see her grow and develop into a far better version than the person we met at the start of the Hedgehog Hollow series.

Know what, though? I still don’t like Chloe. Lol. But I loved how she was written and I love how Jessica Redland made me so invested in Sam and her life that I still wanted to know about her spoilt cousin.

Despite not liking a central character in the story, I found this story to be very emotional as so many very poignant themes are covered including postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress and parental neglect, to name a few. Yet, there’s also a beautiful side to the tale as perseverance, hope and love do conquer after all.

Quick warning for those who aren’t keen on cliffhangers. There is one. But you were planning to read the next one anyway, so no worries 😉 Besides, all the threads of this particular story are tied up by the end.

Another heartwarming delight by Jessica Redland. I really can’t get enough of this author or Hedgehog Hollow! I give Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow 5/5 espresso shots.

About the Author

Jessica Redland is the author of ten novels, including The Secret to Happiness, which are all set around the fictional location of Whitsborough Bay. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.

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8 thoughts on “Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland – Review and Blog Tour

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  1. Aw, Nina, you absolute superstar! I love love LOVE this review! And you have nailed it so perfectly. It was a risk for me to focus so much of the story on Chloe who everyone dislikes and many hate from the first two books and I even wrote a blog post this morning about the risk of writing about an unlikeable character! What you describe is exactly what I hoped. I’m not expecting people to love or even like Chloe after this book but I do hope they will understand why she’s the way she is and delight in the journey she goes through. I loved writing her story and I’m so delighted you loved reading it and, as you say, it’s ultimately all about Sam but with insights into all the people who form her world. Thank you for such a fabulous review xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw your post but haven’t had a chance to read it as yet. Looking forward to doing so.
      You’re so welcome. You just keep providing me me with these gorgeous stories and I’ll keep providing the glowing reviews. Lol. I have been so thrilled to watch your books take off since Boldwood. I cannot imagine a more deserving author!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, that’s so lovely. Thank you! It’s been completely surreal seeing how things have taken off over the past year. Absolute dream come true! And you have been with me from the very start and such a champion of my writing. I’m so very, very grateful xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Every time I think of my new Charlee cover, I think about you and whether you’ll like it. The new title is ‘Christmas Wishes at The Chocolate Shop’ and, although we won’t be doing the cover reveal officially until next month, it is showing on Amazon already if you want a sneak peak! It still has the same row of shops but slightly shifted around and it still has the Victorian lamp posts and a Christmas tree. I know how much you loved the original. Will this one compare?!!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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