Dames and Deadly Games by Trixie Silvertale – Review

Happy Publication Day to Trixie with her new book Dames and Deadly Games! I wish I could catch up to these newer books even faster. But I’m certainly still keen to read them as they’re released, especially as the series is just so good!

A murder mystery game. A terminal twist. Can this psychic sleuth swap coal for clues? 

Mitzy Moon hopes to earn some girlfriend points on a scenic weekend getaway. Steaming off on a historic train with her handsome beau seems like the perfect way to outrun fate. But their 1920s-themed sleuthing party abruptly derails when they discover an actual corpse… 

Now they’re on the wrong side of the tracks, and Mitzy and her sheriff will have to solve the case before the guilty party disappears at the next depot. With a list of suspects as long as the cast of characters, she’ll need to push her powers to the boiling point before more tickets get lethally punched. 

Will Mitzy’s dangerous excursion end with an arrest, or will the killer claim another life? 

Dames and Deadly Games is the thirteenth book in the hilarious paranormal cozy mystery series, Mitzy Moon Mysteries. If you like snarky heroines, supernatural misfits, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s iron horse escapade.

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

In Dames and Deadly Games, we’re taken out of Pin Cherry as Mitzy and Erick head out for a murder mystery luxury train ride. While we miss out on the full interaction with a few of the town favourites, we still get quite a bit of Silas, Isadora and Pyewacket (who is always available to help solve a mystery -pretend or otherwise-).

The mystery: Who killed Dame Joanna? Not that the Dame is particularly easy to like, by the way. While digging into her past to uncover the murderer, Mitzy and Erick unearth some rather unsavoury details, providing motives for several people along the way. The number of suspects who could want the Dame dead is expanded when the sleuths also consider all who had an opportunity to do the deed. I loved this mix of suspects and enjoyed trying to place each and every one. There are some who were connected, some who seemed just too sweet to be involved and others still who were unlikeable enough to have the reader wanting to slap the cuffs on right away. The build-up to the dramatic big reveal and the pacing of all the clues were very well executed and kept my attention from the beginning to the end. 

The romance: Aww… Mitzy and Erick are such a cute couple. I really enjoyed how neither really steps on the others toes. They both seem to be respectful of the other’s duties, responsibilities and abilities. It’s quite refreshing and will be interesting to see just how much Sheriff Erick welcomes Mitzy’s interference/ assistance in his future investigations.

The story is just the perfect mix of mystery, magic and romance. I think each element adds to the overall appeal of the novel; and the mystery, rightfully, gets centre stage. I also enjoy the use of the present tense narration in this series. It’s a little different from the majority but well-done. 

A huge plus for this particular instalment is the train ride which is aboard a 1920s themed train. The descriptions of the compartments and the workings of the train, as per 1920s specifications, are very interesting. They’re also seamlessly worked into the telling of the story so never an info dump. By having participants dress in period appropriate costumes for the murder-mystery element readers are also treated to several delightful descriptions of dresses, suits and even jewellery. All in all, it makes for bits and pieces that work with the rest of the tale to really bring the narrative to life.

I’ve noticed Book 14 is due out soon too and I’ll certainly be reading it! I give Dames and Deadly Games 4.5/5 espresso shots.

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