Read and TBR for February and March

Hello lucky month, March. In a few weeks we’ll be a third of the way through 2020. Crazy but true. My semester finally started this week. As much as the administrative side of my job frustrates me, I really do love working directly with my students. I’ve got some very excited learners to keep me on my toes this semester and I’m looking forward to it! I’d love to be in a classroom once again as well but I feel much more comfortable teaching online this semester and the students have adapted well-enough to make for a smoother experience. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to finish the year in person. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, sports and children’s activities are slowly reopening on our side. My boys are eagerly awaiting the Easter vacation and their one week in person field hockey camp. I’m still a bit wary but their coaches are super vigilant and well… I suppose it’s time. If all three go, I may even have a quiet house to myself for a few hours each day… for the first time in a year! Lol.

So what was my February reading like? I can’t complain at all as I got through 9 books- most of them sweet, light reads. The cozy mysteries were mostly paranormal and the romances more historical. I could have squeezed in a tenth light read but opted instead to finally get started on Don Quixote. That one’s going to take a while!

Here’s what I read in February.

Read and TBR

The Cozy Mysteries were Wings and Broken Things, Hearts and Dark Arts, Cursed With Two Sugars (With Scream and Sugar), One Poison Pie, Grave, Danger and Fortune Funhouse. There were two Bridgeton Historical Romances with The Duke and I and The Viscount Who Loved Me; and one Contemporary Romance in A Very Friendly Valentine.

Sadly none of these books came from my Kindle backlog or my physical bookshelf. Maybe this month…? Two of these books were via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My March reading also looking pretty light and sweet. I’m catching up with some romance and cozy mystery series. I’ve also got a NetGalley to check off and Jessica’s latest Hedgehog release.

Weddings and Whodunnits by Amanda M. Lee

The Witch is Back by Amanda M. Lee

Freaky Seas by Amanda M. Lee

The Secret One by Ruth Cardello

It Had to Be You by Georgia Clark

Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland

What about you? What are you looking forward to reading this month? Feel free to share links to your March reading lists in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Read and TBR for February and March

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  1. Glad to hear you have some clarity on what the semester is looking like now. Over here, schools go back on Monday although it’s a bit of a staggered start due to Covid testing for the students so my daughter will be homeschooled for 1.5 days, in for testing on Tues pm, then back to school properly on Wed providing she has a negative test result. I can’t wait for her to be back among friends again. She has no siblings so it’s been tough having no interaction, not that you’d ever guess that from her. She’s been great. Anyway, hope you enjoy Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow. Have a fab start to the month xx


    1. That’s great she can get back out soon. They drive me batty sometimes but throughout the whole lockdown I’ve been grateful the boys have one another to play with… and fight with… but mostly play 😅.
      I don’t think schools will fully reopen before September though. Keeping my fingers crossed that vaccines are effective and rolled out well.


  2. Excited learners!! LOL!! Don’t remember any of them when I was at school/university etc!!! Glad things are looking up for you, Nina! But did I read this post right??? Have you started Don Quixote??? I will be so proud of you when you finish. LOL! Maybe I will then have to think about reading it myself….

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    1. Hahahaha. Yeah. They’re not as ‘bouncy’ as my last batch but seem quite motivated.
      Yes, Laurence, I think I made sure to start Don Q just for you! 😂🤣 I got through the intro, translator’s note and the first few chapters. Don’t think I ever appreciated how ‘mad’ Quixote actually was. 😂


  3. I have slowly gone back to Amazon through Goodreads. I am looking forward to Judi Lynn’s new book THE BODY IN THE BEAUTY PARLOR. The Cat Sitter books by Blaize Clement. The schools here are still not happy. I am not reading many paranormals. I reread a couple of Faye Kellerman’s books and think I might read some others. Good luck with your schools and reading

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  4. We are slowly getting back to some things here as well, Nina. My grandkids went back to in-person school two weeks ago and it is going well. The classes are small as many kids chose to continue online learning. They all wear masks and wash, wash, wash. I pray that they will be safe. Sports have not restarted and the province moved the March Break that should have started on the 10th to April 20th so people will stay home and not travel. I am also looking forward to Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow. I hope next week. Enjoy all your upcoming reads and keep safe. 😷📚💜

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    1. Yeah. I feel fairly confident about my older two going out to school but the five year old just can’t seem to keep his hands away from his mouth or nose and his allergies make give him a runny nose most mornings. Ugh. I really can’t see him in school just yet. I should start Hedgehog by this weekend or beginning of next week for sure. Very excited 😃
      Enjoy your books too!


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