Read and TBR for September and October

How did it get to be October? The days really are super long with all the responsibilities and demands from all sectors, but I swear the weeks fly by.

Four weeks of kiddies’ online schooling down, three weeks of my own online teaching. I feel like we’ve established some sort of routine at home by now, which is great. My eldest is doing really well keeping focused and getting the most out of his lessons. Thank goodness for teachers who go the extra mile and are willing to engage with students and even parents outside of class time! The second one is managing quite well too. He gets a parent for at least one session a day. The recaps are a bit painful when mummy and daddy demand certain exercises be redone properly… oy. And the little one… well… one of us is with him right through. I say it all the time, but I mean it ever so much more these days. God bless these awesome teachers who work with little ones. At least my adult students already know how to read, write and spell.

Keeping up with the demands of fully online and integrating all the cool apps etc has kept me super busy and has cut into my ‘off’ time. Thankfully in September, I enjoyed all my reads, for the most part. I’m now almost all up to date with my NetGalley requests and probably won’t take on anymore unless it’s for series I already enjoy.

In terms of what I read in September, I only got in 5 books! I can’t remember the last time my total count was so low. Lol. Then I realised I’ve been doing a lot less housework… I usually get some audiobooks in during those hours. I should really finish packing away all that laundry…

Here’s what I read in September.

Read and TBR

In terms of Cozy Mysteries, I read Mistletoe, Moussaka and Murder and Without a Brew. The romance stories were Nerdy Little Secret, Starry Skies Over the Chocolate Pot and What You Wish For

Only one of those books was via my Kindle Unlimited subscription and none from my physical shelf. I really need to work on that, especially as I’ve added to the shelf. 😉

I only signed up for one blog tour for this month. Time to start thinking about my Christmas reading and I want to get back to reading only the books I really want to… and if for some reason it’s not working for me, I can DNF and not feel bad about it! Two of the books on this short list are from series I already enjoy.

Viper by Patricia Rasey

Only the Devout by Amanda M. Lee

Gators and Garters by Jana DeLeon

Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage by Clare Chase

The Winter We Met by Samantha Tonge

What about you? What are you looking forward to reading this month? Feel free to share links to your October reading lists in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Read and TBR for September and October

Add yours

      1. Won’t find anyone like me… You will get them going sweet and cozy on you and say sweet review and they love your review. I say I love you and your secret toys and fantasies. Rather kinks… They have progressed. So yayy. Go me!!

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  1. Last month, I found some of the series I have been reading did not connect with me. That is unusual for me and I brought some e-books that I won’t read. I did enjoy all of Jane K. Cleveland Josie Prescott series. Have some good reading this month.

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  2. hey, Nina, i read two of your five read, tho I’m distancing just a bit with cozies. also, had to chuckle when you said at least your adult students know how to read, write, and spell. i’m from the really old school and find that most young people can’t spell well at all. US schools have messed with the kids and their classes so it’s a wonder they graduate at all. but don’t ask them to spell it.

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    1. Hahahahaha. I should have amended that to say spell… most of the time! But I didn’t want to seem mean. But yeah… there are some times when I have to scratch my head and wonder.
      I hope you aren’t stepping too far away from the cozies!


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