Review of Freaky Fangs by Amanda M. Lee

Mystic Caravan Circus is in flux. Things are shifting in the organization, new faces are joining the fray, and manager Poet Parker isn’t certain how to deal with it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t have time to figure it out.
Kentucky is on the horizon, and a roadside accident that claims a family has caught Poet’s attention. She’s haunted by what she sees … and dreams that show her nothing but snapping teeth and flowing blood.
They’ve been to the area before – Mammoth Caves is a big draw – but something appears to be amiss. It isn’t long until Poet realizes exactly what that something is … vampires. They’re nesting and taking over the entire town.
Vampires are nothing new when fighting monsters with a paranormal circus. These vampires, however, are different. They’re stronger … and faster … and deadlier. In fact, they’re something older and more ruthless, and Poet has no idea how to take on this new enemy.
When the vampires come for one of Mystic Caravan’s own, the time for debate is over. They live as a family. They’ll die as one, too, if need be.
Poet has fought wars before but this one is going to get bloody. It’s going to take everyone working together to overcome this enemy. Even then nothing is guaranteed.

Available on Amazon and via Kindle Unlimited.

Sometimes you just need to disappear into a crazy but familiar world to shake off the stress of your own. That’s just what I did with Freaky Fangs and I enjoyed every minute spent in those crazy pages.

The main mystery to solve is what evil paranormal entity is attacking the citizens of Cave City, Kentucky and how to stop them. Once the gang figures out they’re dealing with vampires, the focus shifts to how they’ll destroy them. Once again the rich world building on which this series is based comes into play. The author concocts her own history for these creatures and creates a decidedly sinister dream for these vamps to pursue. How the Mystic Caravan team discovers the secrets hidden in Cave City and how they plan to free the town make for an intriguing narrative.

My favourite part of this book is the introduction of a love interest for Luke. Who knows if Cole will end up being his soul mate but at least he’s going to be a more fixed figure in future stories. The new dynamic allows Poet a break from the constant balancing act between Kade and Luke. I also really enjoyed how she got a taste of her own medicine and spent quite a few chapters jealous of Luke’s attentions to Cole.

I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this series.

Overall, this was another fully entertaining romp with the circus. I give Freaky Fangs 4.5 / 5 espresso shots.

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