Read and TBR for July and August

This post is a bit late but I’ve been doing them faithfully for over a year and half now, so better late than never!

July was, possibly, the best month of 2020 for me thanks to my wonderful parents who took their ahmm darling grandchildren for a week and then for another weekend, later on. I hadn’t realized how much I needed the break, but after over four months of being constantly ‘on’ it was incredibly refreshing to have the break. I even had a chance to go to the supermarket. All sanitizing and mask wearing protocols were observed. I’m also currently on two and half weeks off of work and my boss, for the most part, has managed to leave me alone. I feel like a whole new person. Haha.

Of course all the drama restarts soon enough. So far my college and the children’s school are both planning to do a hybrid face to face and remote learning combo. How those two schedules will combine/ conflict is a worry I shall try to ignore for the time being.

In terms of what I read in July, less stress resulted in less reading, ironically. Or maybe that’s not too unexpected as I read a lot to escape and relax. I spent more ‘fun’ time with the boys and worked on my own projects too. I still got in 9 books, although I haven’t finished In the Time of Butterflies yet… soon. I’m about 40% in and I’m enjoying the writing style.

Here’s what I read in July.

Read and TBR

In terms of Cozy Mysteries, I read Lineage Most Lethal, Everlasting Covenant and The Squawking Dead. The romance stories were A Vicarage Wedding, The Clover Chapel and Devil in Winter (which also qualifies as historical fiction). The other historical fiction book was The Price of Paradise. To finish off the list, I read the fantasy story Ruin and Rising and completed a beta read for a contemporary story, Hiding Cracked Glass.

Only one of those books was via my Kindle Unlimited subscription and one from my physical shelf.

I ‘go’ back to work on Wednesday so I suspect my reading might pick back up by the end of the month (in accordance with stress levels. Lol). I haven’t even finished reading a single book for August as yet… crazy! Anyway, I will have to get back on top of things as I have a few blog tours to review for. Here’s my list of expected reads before the end of the month.

Midnight Temptation by Shari Nichols

Tea and Treachery by Vicki Delaney

Master of Illusion by Nupur Tustin

Under a Sienna Sun by T. A. Williams

The Return of the Disappearing by Lara Temple

What You Wish For by Katherine Center

I’m already into Midnight Temptation and really enjoying it. I should finish soon and move on to the next on my list. Fingers crossed I’ll finish all seven by the end of the month… and in time for their tours! 

What about you? What are you looking forward to reading this month? Feel free to share links to your August reading lists in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Read and TBR for July and August

Add yours

  1. T. A Williams is on my TBR. I am not sure what my TBR looks like other than Tour books. Sorry for being away, was down with aches and pains, biggest was the back ache. A bit better today health wise but I have a touch of blues so going to take Sunday Monday off, to watch Netflix. My mom’s first experience with 🦕 today. So it is just gonna be an off-brain kinda day. 5 months of stress and not seeing my sister and niece has taken a toll on me. Just ranting here Nina.

    Do you I cry for everything? The other day someone said I am sweet and I sobbed. Why? Then I am reading only soft books, emotional ones… My blood and gore have gone far. I can’t seem to help. I was called a softie – my street cred is gone. *shakes head and sighs* things don’t seem to have improved in numbers. Now the politicians are not bothered, so the fear remains, just no solution… That’s me in July and first 20 days of August

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