Review of Everlasting Covenant by Amanda M. Lee

What a thrilling end to the Covenant College series. There were some moments I may not have been too keen on, but I can’t deny that the conclusion was perfectly apt for the series.

Deep down inside, Zoe Lake-Winters knew that she hadn’t yet bid goodbye to Covenant College. The realization that the final fight will be fought at the place she thought she would never see again isn’t lost on her.
Still … she has no choice. Her family comes first and she’s out of options.
Another attack on Sami Winters forces Zoe and Aric to embrace the inevitable. They pack up their kid and courage and join together with friends to return to a forgotten campus located smack dab in the middle of Michigan … and a dark forest full of secrets and trouble.
Evil has always dwelled at Covenant College, and Zoe is determined to make sure she eradicates it … one way or the other. Her former roommates Kelsey and Paris are along from the ride, and a few familiar faces pop up to lend a hand, too.
It seems that someone is putting The Academy back together, and all of the hunters can only agree on one target: Sami Winters. She’s the key to a really big puzzle and everyone wants her power – even if she hasn’t fully manifested it yet.
Aric and Zoe have to join forces one last time with everyone they know and trust to fight the evil that pervades Covenant College if they expect to live happily ever after. The fight will be dark, dirty, and dangerous. No one is safe.
So, strap in for adventure, because this battle will mark the end of it all … one way or another.

Available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.

The audio: Another truly fantastic delivery from Erin DeWard who narrated all three of the stories in the final trilogy. The differentiation in voices is, again, extremely well-done. Within genders, Zoe’s voice is very different from the other females of the same age range and different from the teenage Sami’s. The male voices are markedly different as well; and Aric’s voice is differentiated well from his father’s older tones. Then we had Roger’s English lilt and Rafael’s sexy accent too. In a show of her narrating superiority, DeWard pulls off conversations among several characters almost effortlessly. Each voice within those conversations are unique and allows the listener to have an excellent idea of who is speaking. The quality of the production is excellent. I experienced no blimps nor text-audio synching issues.

The story: It’s all come full circle back to Covenant College, twenty years later. Elements of the same forces who worked against Zoe and her friends years ago are still hanging around and waiting to rid the world of the mage and her daughter. The tone of the Convenant series is definitely darker than most of the other series written by this author and the line between good and evil isn’t always clear. It doesn’t take long to figure out who is up to no good and why. But it’s intriguing to to see how all the players come together and to figure out how the whole story will end. I did expect a more complex plot, however, in terms go who was scheming against the Lake-Winters family.

I liked the idea of perspectives in this story. In a conversation between Zoe and long-time nemesis Brittany, Zoe acknowledges that to each other they are both villains: “I’m the villain in your story, just like you’re the villain in mine.” Therein lies a very key plot line of the series. Zoe and her friends are all seen as the ‘force of good’. Anyone who stands in their way or who threatens their family, is bad. This series also explores bigger issues such as groups of people believing that there could only ever be one truth path to virtue. The problem with that, is when they attack others who don’t share their belief system. It’s an interesting parallel to real life.

Admittedly, I didn’t like how aggressive Zoe’s ideas were at times. She and her gang thought only of the need to keep Sami safe. If others were hurt or killed, that was ‘okay’. There were even some cringe-worthy scenes where the level of violence and self-righteousness were bit much for me. As much as I enjoy these characters and the banter amongst them, that part spoiled the overall story for me a bit.

That said, the closing chapters were brilliant. The dialogue was snappy, emotional and on-point. I also felt that almost every character finished the book in a fitting way.

Overall, a great ending to the Covenant College series. These are not characters I will forget any time soon, especially as they occasionally pop up in other series by Amanda M. Lee too! I give Everlasting Covenant 4/5 espresso shots.

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