Review of Desperate Covenant by Amanda M. Lee ~with audiobook review

Zoe Lake-Winters knows about paranormal entities. She’s fought so many she’s lost count. When zombies rise and come for her daughter, though, Zoe realizes that she’s about to encounter a terrifying new world that she can’t control or understand.

Word has gotten out that Zoe and her husband Aric’s twelve-year-old daughter is about to come into her own. As Sami’s mixed heritage – half mage, half wolf – comes to a head, outside factions have decided they want the child to use for their own devices.

Zoe and Aric know they’re facing a tough battle, so they agree to go to the annual wolf pack meeting in Northern Michigan. Zoe isn’t keen on the idea – Aric has wisely kept her separated from the wolves, after all – but they’re desperate for help.

Zoe knows right away that she’s not going to play nice with a bunch of overbearing wolves with ancient ideas about gender roles – many of whom blame her for Aric’s estrangement from the pack – but she’s willing to put up with it for Sami’s sake. All of that changes when a new wave of attacks hits … and this time Zoe realizes she might be trapped amongst the enemy.

Zoe won’t conform, and when it comes time to ask for help, Aric refuses to bow to the pack wishes. Of course, sometimes those who believe they have power are fooling themselves. Zoe knows she has power, and in the end, she’ll be the one with the upper hand. Unfortunately for her, Aric and Sami might not be so lucky.

A big fight is brewing, and while Zoe might have the strength to fight the war, she can’t do it alone. Disagreeing factions are going to have to come to a meeting of the minds, because otherwise no one will be left standing.

Available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.

Audio: Once again, a superb delivery from Erin DeWard who does another fantastic job! The differentiation in voices is extremely well-done. Within genders, Zoe’s voice is very different from the other females of the same age and different from the teenage Sami’s and older Helen’s. The male voices are markedly different as well; and Aric’s voice is differentiated well from his father’s older tones. The quality of the production is excellent. I had two minor blips with the text-audio synching, but that could have been through my device.

The mystery: This part of the trilogy has a bit more of a mystery attached as we need to figure out which (if any) of the werewolves are behind the attacks on Sami. I wouldn’t say that clues are properly laid out to follow but there are some scattered throughout the story and many play into the bigger story arc that will culminate in the final part of the trilogy. The big reveal at the end is properly antagonistic, suspenseful and snarky. It was pretty much perfect for a story in this series.

The characters are much the same this time around. I had hoped to see more of Zoe’s parents but we are stuck with Aric’s again- James and Helen. That does provide the opportunity to revisit the past and find out more about the role James played in the background. This book also provides more insight into Aric’s family, his relationship with the pack and his reasons for leaving them.

The pack in this story is used to take a swipe at pretty much every archaic overly patriarchal society / group. The implied inferiority of women is played out even when James voices concerns over Sami not being an adequate heir because of her gender. Things get really dicey between him and the rest of the family at that point. It was certainly very entertaining reading. Lets just say a lot of grovelling is involved for him to earn forgiveness.

Aric and Zoe continue to express their love for each other all throughout the story and the sexual innuendo is there in spades. I found it hilarious for the most part, but some readers may find it annoying.

Overall another fun and entertaining addition to the series. I look forward to the end! I give Desperate Covenant 4/5 espresso shots.

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