Review of The Wild One by Ruth Cardello

Ruth’s stories usually have a little more meat on them. This one was pretty much boy falls in love in a day, girl thinks he’s a player and gives him a hard time, boy has to to prove her wrong. That said, I still enjoyed the ride because Ruth Cardello can make even the most over used tropes quite fun to read.

She wants to go wild. A billionaire decides to go with her. For two Americans in Paris, love wasn’t in the plans in New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello’s sexy high-stakes romance.

After years of choosing safe over satisfying, a weeklong Paris fling sounds perfect to Wren Heath. And who better to have it with than Mauricio Romano, a billionaire with a reputation as a first-class heartbreaker. A few days. Fun, then done. What happens on vacation stays on vacation, right?

Paris was Mauricio’s playground, and love was never part of the game. Lust? Toujours. Then he meets a sweet woman who wants to be a sex kitten. He knows how to give her the wildest five days and nights of her life. No commitments. No strings. But the hotter it gets, the harder it is to remember his own rules.

What do you do when what happens in Paris stays in your heart and then shows up at home?

Are these two destined to clash or destined for love?

Available on Amazon and via Kindle Unlimited with audio included.

This edition came with the audio included. After the first couple chapters listening, I found I wasn’t enjoying the narration as much as I’d enjoyed the narration in book one of the series. Apparently the narrators were different. That’s not to say Mackenzie Cartwright and Rock Engle did a bad job. The switch from male to female voices in the chapters told from Mauricio’s and Wren’s perspectives was very useful for immediately knowing which POV we were in. Both narrators did a good job of differentiation between male and female characters but neither did a particularly great job of differentiation within the sexes. The audio quality was excellent and I noticed no glitches. The text and audio remained in sync at all times.

Let’s start with some of the best bits of the story. The Paris setting is fabulous. We have lots of history and culture lessons thrown in courtesy Wren’s research and exuberance. Some of it was interesting and in-keeping with her character. Some of it also felt like page filler. I did enjoy her take on the Lock Bridge though. I mean seriously, you really need to pop a padlock on a bridge to show your undying love for someone?! And that’s coming from a big old romantic!

Wren is a sweet heroine. The first couple of chapters paint her as the more innocent counterpart to her best friend, Cecile. However, her interactions with Mauricio show that she’s no pushover. As an only child with a father who is coping with PTSD as a war veteran, she’s a determined and loyal daughter. Her parents have provided for her through all of their challenges and she wants to be help them as much as she can. Maybe a little too much, as she’s had to put some her dreams on hold. She’s quick to write off Mauricio as nothing more than a distracting playboy, and with good reason as his reputation as just such precedes him. Yet, he brings out her playful side and the chemistry between them is fun to read.

Mauricio is far more complex than Wren wants to give him credit for being. He grew up with two loving and in love parents and with three brothers. He might be the most notable playboy of the bunch, but he’s a dependable brother. When his elder brother needed him most he was there and able to step in to his shoes, at the head of the family business. Now that Sebastian is back on his feet, Mauricio is free to finally discover what he really wants out of life. He quickly decides it’s Wren. Maybe too quickly but, hey, it’s an escapist romance story!

I did enjoy how both of these characters are very family driven. It’s a factor both have in common and one that will help them along the way as they figure out how to make a relationship work.

Once again, there was a very abrupt chapter inserted (just after the midway point) from Dominic’s perspective that I could have done without… but it was better than the random annoying ‘Judy’ chapters of the first installment. The story also ends with a Dominic chapter as he’s key to the overall series arc concerning the mysterious Italian family connections. Although his attitude is awful and hints at none of the character development he had in an earlier series, I suspect he will come full circle, again, by the end of these series.

Overall, a fun escapist read. I give The Wild One 3/5 espresso shots.

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