Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (4) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp

The purpose of this challenge is to help clear out some (or many) of those books taking up space on our e-readers. You know them, the books you added because they were free, really cheap, quite pretty or just seemed a bit interesting. Now you’ve got to decide if you’re really gonna keep and read them or is it time to toss?!

Would you like to join in on this challenge? Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Make a list of the books on your kindle/ e-reader under consideration.
  • Select the first 3 or 4 (or more depending on your mood).
  • Read the blurbs of the books.
  • Decide if you’re going to keep and read; or discard from the TBR.
  • Announce your verdict. 
  • The next time you’re ready to post, continue from where you left off on your list. 

If you’d like to create a little community spirit to build up encouragement to really get this list sorted, join in!

  • Write a post saying you’re taking part in this challenge/ meme.
  • Tag me in your post so I can include you in my challenge update posts.
  • If on Twitter, use the hashtags #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp and tag me @ninad_silva so I can find you and your post to retweet.
  • Post as often or as infrequently as you wish!
  • I’ll try to do update posts every first and third week of the month and include links to anyone who’s joined in.
  • You can use these challenge images, if you want to.


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Best Made Plans by Jessica Hart

Chef Flora Deare; royal wedding caterer! When Flora’s childhood friend Hope asks her to design the menu for her upcoming royal wedding, Flora is quick to say yes. Hasebury Hall, the wedding venue may be dilapidated but it has all the kitchen space she needs, and she’ll happily make do even though the Hall’s owner and brooding brother-of-the-bride, Max Kennard is constantly underfoot. She’s known Max for years. Had a crush on him in her teens. Might have the teeniest wee soft spot for him still…

When his sister Hope announces that she’s going to marry a prince, Max is taken aback to discover that the royal wedding will not take place in the majestic principality of San Michele, but at their run-down Wiltshire family home, Hasebury Hall. Now Max has to fix up the manor, let royals and security officials have the run of the place… and find a suitable woman to accompany him to the wedding and all the other ridiculous events that surround it.

Max is single, Flora’s single. They could pair up and go together. What harm can a little pretence do if all it involves is a glamorous trip to San Michele and smiling together at the wedding itself? Apparently, a lot… Soon, it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s not.

*Previously titled The Baronet’s Wedding Engagment

My verdict: Cute, sweet, romantic and paired with a little bit of royalty. I think I’ll keep this one for a day I really need something sweet.

Sheltering Rain by Jojo Moyes

Estranged from her mother since she ran away from her rural Irish home as a young woman, Kate swore a future oath that she’d always be a friend to her daughter, Sabine. But history has a way of repeating itself, and Kate now faces an ever-widening chasm between herself and her daughter. With Sabine about to make her own journey to Ireland to see the grandmother Kate abandoned, Kate is left wondering how they ever made it here, and what she can do to close the gap between them.  

For Joy, seeing her granddaughter is a dream come true. After the painful separation from Kate, she’s looking forward to having time with Sabine. Yet almost as soon as the young woman arrives, the lack of common ground between them deflates her enthusiasm. And when Sabine’s impetuous, inquisitive nature forces Joy to face long-buried secrets from her past, she realizes that perhaps it’s time to finally heal old wounds.

My verdict: Family sagas… I can get behind one of those. Just like my last post where I kept a Sophie Kinsella book simply because I hadn’t read one as yet (and really want to); I’m keeping this Jojo Moyes. I really have to try at least one of her books! 

Calamity Jayne box set by Kathleen Bacus

“Fans of Janet Evanovich will be glad to see that you don’t always have to go to the burgh for mirthful murder and mayhem.”
– Booklist

From nationally bestselling author Kathleen Bacus comes a compilation of 5 full length, humorous romantic mysteries, including:

Calamity Jayne (Calamity Jayne book #1) 
Calamity Jayne and the Fowl Play at the Fair (Calamity Jayne book #2) 
Calamity Jayne and the Haunted Homecoming (Calamity Jayne book #3) 
Calamity Jayne and the Campus Caper (Calamity Jayne book #4) 
Calamity Jayne in the Wild, Wild West (Calamity Jayne book #5)

How does a blonde spell “Farm”?
Tressa Jayne Turner has had it up to here with the dumb-blonde jokes and a childhood nickname that’s harder to get rid of than her favorite pair of cowboy boots. Join Tressa “Calamity” Jayne Turner and her wacky cast of friends and family as she navigates the competitive world of investigative journalism, the roller-coaster ride of romance, and even a few dead bodies! 

The verdict: I really should say no. Where will I find time for a whole boxset? But….. I think I’ll hang on to it for now. At least try book one!

Paige’s Turn by Jennifer Peel

With the encouragement of her beloved Aunt Mitzi, plain and overlooked Paige James left her hometown of Bella Port ten years ago and never looked back. But free-spirited Aunt Mitzi had plans for Paige to stop being pushed into the background. Those plans included leaving Paige as sole heir to her fortune and owner of her bookstore, Paige’s Turn. Begrudgingly, Paige returns home to fulfill her aunt’s last wishes, no longer the girl who’d left in baggy jeans and an ill-fitting t-shirt.

Paige discovers, though, that Mitzi’s last wishes include a lot of meddling in her love life. From the grave, and with the help of some friends, Mitzi has set out to make sure Paige and Bella Port’s most eligible bachelor, Sam Kennedy, find true love together. What Mitzi didn’t foresee is the firestorm and gossip she created that paints Paige as a swindler and liar, leaving Sam to wonder about the grown woman Paige has become. It doesn’t help when Paige fires him after their first meeting. But as friendship blossoms between Paige and Sam, they find each other hard to resist.

Was Mitzi right about the two of them? Will Paige finally have her turn?

The verdict: Not keeping this one. It seems cute enough but the blurb hasn’t really pulled my interest enough to keep.

At the end of week four of my Kindle Klean-up Challenge, I’ve kept three and ditched one. A higher ‘keep’ total this time. Hopefully I’ll enjoy!

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