Review of Only the Quiet by Amanda M. Lee

This was another fun foray into the Death Gate Grim Reapers mystery series. I’m a sucker for these snarky escapist reads, even more so these days!!!

Izzy Sage is settling into her new life despite the pall hanging over her past.

While the memories of the catastrophe that took her parents when she was a child remain elusive, she finds she’s comfortable in her new environment … even though she happens to have taken up the same position her father held when he was killed.

She’s the new death gate operator, which means she’s in control when souls are ferried to the other side. She literally controls death … and it’s not a comfortable spot to be in.

Her only problem is a man … and it’s not something she thought she would be facing because romance was supposed to be off the table.

Braden Grimlock isn’t exactly known for being mature and grounded, but there’s something about Izzy that calls to him. He can’t stay away. The feeling only grows stronger when a group of deaf students tour the aquarium located on top of the death gate … and the teacher drops dead in the middle of a blackout.

Right away, Izzy senses something is wrong … other than the obvious, that is. She simply can’t figure out what sort of opponent she’s facing.

The past is about to meet the present as a long-hidden secret grabs Izzy by the throat and demands answers. There’s a malevolent spirit on the loose and he has designs on escape from Belle Isle. The havoc he could wreak if freed is immeasurable.

It’s up to Izzy and Braden … and the rest of the Grimlocks … to figure out what’s happening and stop a horrifically determined ghost from claiming an innocent life. It’s going to take all of them working together … and if a little romance gums up the works, they’re simply going to have to deal with that, too.

Izzy is a powerful Bruja. Even she might not be strong enough to face the horror of what’s to come, though.

Available on Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.

The mystery Izzy must solve this time around is who killed teacher Lauren Tate, while she’s chaperoning her class of hearing impaired children at the Aquarium. Izzy realises immediately that something evil is at work and is determined to get to the bottom of the conundrum as quickly as possible. The way this mystery is structured, it’s not so much that you have to sift through a number of suspects. It’s more a matter of sifting through lots of clues to figure out exactly what happened and how it happened. For instance, it’s pretty early in that we learn the name of the culprit but how is it possible when he should be long dead?! We also have to work out how current characters play into the drama. The puzzle pieces are provided for us but as this is a fantasy-thriller story we can’t really presume how they will fit together. There is enough going on, however, to make the ride to the final showdown an entertaining one.

If I have to point out my main niggle, as I read the story, it would be the amount of attention Aisling Grimlock gets. She was the star of her own series and really this series isn’t just a spin-off of that one, but also a continuation albeit with a new leading lady. Aisling is now the mother of a young baby and is now more off-scene. Yet, readers are constantly reminded of Aisling through stories retold by her family members or people who know the family. It’s often…

  • When Aisling did….
  • When Aisling and Griffin….
  • How Aisling is feeling…

Enough already! Izzy is a pretty incredible heroine with an awesome back story. More focus on Izzy please (and less of her catering to Aisling’s needs).

I want to know more about Izzy’s life in New Orleans and how she honed her skills. Her grandfather sounds like an intriguing guy, and her relationship with her aunt provides entertaining details.

The Izzy-Braden relationship heats up and is oh so sweet. He’s a really conflicted character and I love that he is the Grimlock chosen for Izzy. He wasn’t my favourite in the first series and I adore how the author makes him so much more sympathetic in this one, while still maintaining his swagger and edge.

Overall, I really enjoyed Only the Quiet and give it 4/5 espresso shots.

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