Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (1) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp

The purpose of this challenge is to help clear out some (or many) of those books taking up space on our e-readers. You know them, the books you added because they were free, really cheap, quite pretty or just seemed a bit interesting. Now you’ve got to decide if you’re really gonna keep and read them or is it time to toss?!

Would you like to join in on this challenge? Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Make a list of the books on your kindle/ e-reader under consideration.
  • Select the first 3 or 4 (or more depending on your mood).
  • Read the blurbs of the books.
  • Decide if you’re going to keep and read; or discard from the TBR.
  • Announce your verdict. 
  • The next time you’re ready to post, continue from where you left off on your list. 

If you’d like to create a little community spirit to build up encouragement to really get this list sorted, join in!

  • Write a post saying you’re taking part in this challenge/ meme.
  • Tag me in your post so I can include you in my challenge update posts.
  • If on Twitter, use the hashtags #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp and tag me @ninad_silva so I can find you and your post to retweet.
  • Post as often or as infrequently as you wish!
  • I’ll try to do update posts every first and third week of the month and include links to anyone who’s joined in.
  • You can use these challenge images, if you want to.
The Kindle Klean-Up Challenge banner image
My Cake by Bena Roberts

Louise, otherwise known as a red-haired Kardashian decides she wants to settle down. She dreams of a sugar daddy and is willing to sacrifice good looks and great sex for Mr. Sensible.

Is this really what Louise wants? Can she put her lover, liar and diva life behind her and fall in love with the older man Gerhard?

Will this May to December date change her life forever? Alternatively, will Louise’s sexual appetite make things difficult for her?

My verdict: The reviews are mixed on this one. However, I read one of Bena Roberts’ books before and enjoyed it. Plus this is actually a short story, only 18 pages. I suppose I can keep.

Still Life With Murder by P.B Bryan

Boston, 1868: The dawn of the Gilded Age, an era of burgeoning commerce and invention, of unimaginable new fortunes and lavish excess—for some. Born into dismal poverty, young Nell Sweeney scratches by on her wits and little else until fortune blesses her with a position as nursery governess to the fabulously wealthy Hewitts. But she soon learns that ugly secrets lurk beneath the surface of their gold-plated world.

The Hewitts’ eldest son, William, a former Union Army battle surgeon and the black sheep of the family, was reported to have died three years before in a notorious Confederate prison camp. But one snowy February afternoon, his parents learn that he is, in fact, still alive—and in jail for having murdered a man while intoxicated on opium. Infuriated by his son’s deception and convinced of his guilt, August Hewitt forbids his wife from coming to Will’s aid, so she begs Nell to help exonerate him. Nell finds that she must delve into the kind of dark and treacherous underworld she thought she’d left far behind if she is to unearth the truth before the hangman’s noose tightens around William Hewitt’s throat.

My verdict: With almost 1500 reviews; and most of them 5 and 4 stars, this book seems to be well-received. I am a sucker for historical mysteries too. I guess I’m keeping this one as well.

Not For Me by Kat de Falla

Manda Wolfgram is a struggling literary agent who is looking for the perfect manuscript to land in her lap and the perfect man to land in her bed. When the sixth-floor hottie finally asks her out, she gets more than she bargained for. How can a girl wrap her brain around a Shakespearean actor who writes erotica?

Harry Sackes leads a double life: making a career as an author by day and dipping into the dark underworld of criminals at night. The moment he sees Manda in his twin brother’s arms, his whole life becomes his personal Shakespearean trag-comedy of mistaken identity and unrequited love in this fast-paced chick lit romance.

The verdict: I might need some help on this one. I kinda want to read it. Seems like it will be a perfect quick, escapist read when I need one. However, something about the premise also seems a bit too over the top, even for me. I think I’ll pass.

Mail Order Mystery by Robin Deeter

A lady farmer and a disgraced detective–will what starts as an arrangement turn into something more?

Leigh Hawthorne, a widow and local farmer in Tucker Springs, Massachusetts, answers an unusual letter from a man out west, who wants to marry a woman with ranching expertise. Hoping to find a better life, Leigh embarks on a journey to Chance City, Oklahoma.

Fired for breaking Pinkerton rules, former detective, Cyrus Decker, just wants to live a quiet life as a cattle rancher. The problem is that he knows nothing about ranching—and his bank account shows it. Dogged by Chance City’s sheriff to join his staff, and plagued by money woes, Cy desperately needs help to turn their ranch around. He hopes that Leigh is the answer to his prayers.

Brought together by necessity, will Leigh and Cy find love or will their attempt to find lasting happiness meet with disaster? Join the Chance City adventure as its citizens battle opposing forces and mayhem in their searches for love and a brighter future.

The verdict: Not keeping this one. I like a little historical romance, but I’m just not feeling this one.

At the end of week one of my Kindle Klean-up Challenge, I’ve kept two and ditched two. Not too bad! I’ll conquer that list after all! Oh, and we finally took the tree down last night! 😀

16 thoughts on “Kindle Klean-Up Challenge (1) #kindlebookaddiction #KindleKleanUp

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  1. Strong start! I don’t use an eReader, so I can’t participate exactly, but you did inspire me to go through all the revolving-door-wishlist books I have saved in my phone (effectively a to-be-bought-so-I-can-put-them-on-my-TBR list). I went through and googled all the ones I couldn’t recognise/remember from just the title and author alone – and ended up deleting six… out of fifty 😅

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