“Cozy Christmas Week!!!” Christmas Cover Love

It’s Day Six of my Cozy Christmas Week! I couldn’t let the week pass without doing something to celebrate my cover love! I’ve seen so many wonderful posts chock full of gorgeous seasonal and just plain stunning covers, that I had to do one of my own. I’ve included my favourites from this Christmas season…. although I did include one from last Christmas too…

Jessica Redland books get their very own category. Not only are these books pretty on the outside, they’re lovely on the inside too. Jessica hopes that by next year she’ll have these out in physical copy. I’d love to own a Charlee, Carly and Chocolate Pot set. Never fear, though, these books are definitely stand alone and only mention characters common to the Whistborough Bay business family.

Of course I have to save a mention for the Christmas Cozies I read… although there actually weren’t too many this year. I got distracted by all manner of Christmas stories!

And the Romance books… and/ or simply the stories that are filled with Christmas spirit and good cheer.

There is just one thing chipping away at my Christmas blog cheer… this new WP editor!!!! It mucks up my image formatting every time! I ended up doing this post over several times and still didn’t get what I’d envisaged the post as. I hope you’re having better time than I am with this new editor!

Back to happiness: I’m glad I had so many pretty and charming books to read this season. I’ll still try to fit in a couple more before my January list kicks in. What about you? Have you also enjoyed any beautiful Christmas covers with delightful stories to match?

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  1. I love every single cover! I need to read Mr. Miracle. We loved Mrs. Miracle and my daughter actually received the movie as a gift from our church this year. Can’t wait to watch it again.

    WP is such a pain sometimes! I’ve had issues as well. It makes me so frustrated and I want to quit sometimes. Deep breaths help. 😂🤣😂

    Have a good weekend, Nina. ❤💚❤

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  2. That is why I blog from the phone and don’t use the new editor. I tried it once from the laptop I was frustrated, from the phone, things are still same so far… Fingers crossed.
    Lovely covers I want some of the books… Now I hope they are on KU but I doubt…the covers look expensive 😂😂
    Beautiful post, on my phone the covers fall well one after the other… 💕💖

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    1. I actually did my first ‘phone post’ this week gone. It wasn’t as painful as I expected…. thanks to having been dealing with the far more painful new editor! 😂😂
      Actually a couple might be on KU but admittedly I got a few on NG too.

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    2. I’ve done a few posts from my phone and it works out quite well, just a bit more tedious. I think I’ll try to do more from my phone though. Thanks, Shalini. ❤💚❤

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      1. I have always blogged from phone, in fact I do all my work on my phone… I hardly open the laptop, my phone now predicts my word and autocorrects so I find it easy.. I didn’t have a laptop for many years hence got used to the phone

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      2. That’s amazing! I posted a review on my phone last night totally without turning on my computer. It does seem a little easier as I get used to it. ❤ Thanks for the advice. 😉

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      3. Oh wow! I have the exact opposite problem and that’s posting at an earlier date lol! It drives me nuts. If I start a post and go back to it, it back dates it. 😩🤣❤

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      4. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes I just click the publish on accident missing the date and it goes to an earlier date. The biggest problem with that is that it goes into the reader earlier and then people miss your posts. I need to see of there’s a way to set it up to cancel back scheduling altogether. Anyway, sorry for ranting haha 😁🤣 I’m sorry to hear that others have issues with WP, but it makes me a feel a little better knowing that it’s not just me! 😉❤

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      5. Lol. Oh, you’re definitely not the only one! Every time I see another blogger complaining about it I feel a little better about my issues too 🙈😊
        Have a lovely Christmas despite the WP issues!!! Haha

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  3. And there are lists… January list? What’s that, eh?
    Oooooh cunning but sweet girl you mean list if my birthday gifts??? 😉 😉 😂 😂 Yayyy
    On a serious note, what’s that monthly list? How do you classify them?

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  4. A whole section devoted to my covers? I already knew of your adoration for Charlee and the Chocolate Shop from last year and am thrilled that the others have joined her in the cover-love stakes. A huge shout out to my gorgeous hubby, Mark, for creating them. And to Shutterstock for the images although he manipulates/changes them all so that they’re unique to me and creates the backgrounds etc. The physical copies are objective number 1 for 2019 so watch this space 🙂 xx

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