Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts (5)


Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts - (un)Conventional Bookviews


Welcome to Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts, an original weekly meme hosted at (un)Conventional Bookviews where readers share food or drink quotes from their current reads.

Over on her site, Lexxie says: So many of the books we read have food or drinks in them, some I’d love to try, and others I’d never ever want to taste… and I thought it could be interesting and fun to share some food and / or drink quotes…  If you want to participate, you can grab my logo if you’d like, or you can make your own, but please link back to me in your own post.

The idea of this feature is to:

  • Share a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read,
  • as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not.
  • Share the title of the book it happened in,
  • as well as the character who ate or drank the special little something.
  • Each week there is a link-up for the current post so that it’s easy to find other participants as well.
  • Add your post to the linky.


My quote today comes from Bake, Battle and Roll (Book 6 in the Lexy Baker Mystery Series) by Leighann Dobbs.


bake battle and roll



“What kind of pies are these?”

“Huh?” Lexy scrunched her face at the detective who gestured at two of the pies she had finished earlier which were cooling on the counter.

“Apple and blueberry.”

“And this one?” he asked pointing to one in the back.

“Lemon meringue.” Lexy wondered what this had to do with the dead chef.

Payne tapped his lips with the eraser end of his pencil. “May I?”

Lexy’s brow creased deeper. Was this guy for real? He wanted a piece of pie? Now? She nodded slowly. Payne reached over and grabbed a chef’s knife, cutting a large slice of pie. He looked at the knife as he pulled it out.

“This looks similar to the knife that killed your chef.”


I read Bake, Battle and Roll a few ago and found it enjoyable enough.  As a whole, the series isn’t one that I plan to continue but it offers up a sweet protagonist, a quirky grandma-detective crew and lots of mouth watering deserts!

As for if I’d eat any of those pies… Umm… YEAH!!! I’m happy to have a slice each of the apple, blueberry and lemon merengue.  If you have any cherry or pumpkin, feel free to toss those on too!


What about you? What pie do you want today?



43 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts (5)

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    1. well, rats! chalk it up to my age. i just reviewed a book by Leighann on my throwback thursday (today, but scheduled previously), and you are right. not overly thrilled. the book i am spotlighting on friday is a K-9 cozy by Diane Kelly and am totally loving it. sooo….sorry, back to back reviews and thinking it was tomorrow’s.

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      1. Oh my! I can’t believe you haven’t tried it. There’s a real easy recipe using instant pudding, whipped cream and Graham cracker crust. It’s so delicious. You must try it! 😍💜

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