Blog Tour for Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo by Robbie Yates



I’m very excited to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo by Robbie Yates courtesy Digital Reads.


Daniel Daniels spends most of his time doing one of two things:

  1. Avoiding the school bully, or
  2. Hanging out with his animal friends.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s animal friends all live at The World’s Worst Zoo, run by the cruel and crabby Mr Gregory.

One day, an unfortunate incident with some ointment at the zoo leaves Daniel with a few special tricks up his sleeve‌—‌tricks that he can use to save the animals, and teach Mr Gregory a lesson.

Curious, witty and sweet, this adventurous chapter book will charm and thrill the young and the young-at-heart!

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Review 1


Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo is a sweet, cute, fun read for you but maybe even more enjoyable with some little ones!

If you could have one, what would your super hero power be?  Would you like to fly? Be invisible? Run at super speed? Be able to turn into a dumpster?  Hey, don’t knock it… you never know when that little skill may come in handy!

Daniel is adorable, determined, a little bit neglected and very gifted with skills of exaggeration.

 “My fractions skills might have been bad, but my time skills were abysmal.  I knew this, because every day at school lasted about 100 hours, and even knew there weren’t 100 hours in a day.”

Dealing with a bully at school isn’t easy.  Dealing with an adult bully at the zoo, his sanctuary, is even more difficult.  But Daniel has faith and little bit of luck from a ‘magic’ ointment on his side.  With these he’ll find a way to save himself and the sweet animals he loves at the World’s Worst Zoo.

I think the author does an excellent job of creating the world through a child’s eyes, from wonder at the zoo animals to the unpleasantness of his school life.  I hope Daniel’s teacher and parents aren’t really as distracted as he makes them out to be!  But to a child everything is magnified.

If you love animals, cute children, a little bit of magic and a story with heart, this is one you’ll want to try with the little ones in your life.  Go on… try it!

I give this story 4/5 furry espresso shots.

4 Shots


Author Bio

Hipster breakfast egg characters with mustache, beard, black bowler hat and glasses. Creative design holiday poster eggs cups. drawn gentleman faces vintage style. gray background.


Robbie Yates is an author based in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys the crunch of autumn leaves, and eating tasty snacks from his childhood.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read the stories of Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings and J.K. Rowling. Robbie also likes to go geocaching, play board games, and have water-balloon fights.

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25 thoughts on “Blog Tour for Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo by Robbie Yates

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  1. Oh my darling cozy babe. Thank you so much for having my back and being my support. You have been there with your calming and soothing presence (sometimes naughty). I love you Nina for being there always.
    Love you to the Mayan ruins and back along with Nicole. I need both of us to keep her in check. You are the best…

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  2. Nina – I am so so grateful to you for this review. It actually had me laughing out loud at one point (I think it was at “Be able to turn into a dumpster? Hey, don’t knock it… you never know when that little skill may come in handy!”

    I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to read, consider, review, and then write this polished response – thank you so very much!

    Liked by 2 people

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