Misplaced Monday (3)

Misplaced Monday


Misplaced Monday is a meme that was started by Merv over at MervReads and is ideal for posting reviews of books you may have read before you started blogging.

According to Merv: Misplaced Monday focuses on the books you have read but didn’t get the chance to review (because of some reasons like: being a new blogger, forgetting to post a review, did not think that the book deserved a review then but deserves it now, etc.).  Misplaced Monday works well for newer bloggers with unreviewed read books.


I’m also using Merv’s bullet book review standard for these posts as I find my memory isn’t so great for some of my older reads.  This review system allows me to highlight the key points that I do remember.


Today I’m reviewing


Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 8.20.26 AM


Lethal Bayou Beauty: A Miss Fortune Mystery, Book 2

by Jana De Leon










No one in Sinful liked Pansy Arceneaux, but who hated her enough to kill her?

When aspiring actress Pansy Arceneaux returns to Sinful, Louisiana to head up the beauty pageant portion of the Summer Festival, CIA assassin Fortune Redding knows she’s in for trouble. Her undercover identity as a former beauty queen makes Fortune the perfect choice to chair the event with Pansy, but Pansy’s abrasive personality makes it impossible to get through a single rehearsal without a fight.

When Pansy turns up dead, Fortune is the prime suspect.

Armed with only her wits and two conniving seniors referred to locally as The Geritol Mafia, Fortune launches an investigation to find the real killer before her cover is blown.


Bullet Review

○ i have a physical copy
○ read an e-version, will definitely purchase physical book
●read an e-version, a physical book will be appreciated
○ read an e-version, not interested in its physical book
●a page-turner
●less than 300 pages
○diverse in any way
○ something’s lacking
●i laughed more than a few times
●distinct and well-described setting
●well-plotted mystery
○ one of the best books I’ve read
○ painful & sad/ tearjerker
○ a roller-coaster of emotions/ gave the feels
● some suspense
○paranormal elements
●romance included
○ confusing
○good world building
○ sooo relatable
●strong secondary characters
○ it is kind of annoying
●contains quirky townsfolk
○ it has a lot of flashbacks
●would recommend!
●would continue with the series
●great even for a reread
●definitely a YAY
○ i’m sorry it’s a NAY
○ it’s between YAY and NAY



  • Jana De Leon’s bayou settings are richly described. The bayous almost become characters of their own. The mysteries of the bayous lend themselves perfectly to a book about solving a crime.
  • The octogenarian duo of Gertie and Ida Belle, created by Jana in this series, is probably my favourite partnership to read about.
  • Oh Celia, what a crazy, pain the rear, love-to-hate ‘villain’ you are.
  • An enjoyable follow-up to Louisiana Longshot.


Happy Monday!


23 thoughts on “Misplaced Monday (3)

Add yours

  1. I read a Miss Fortune book but didn’t like it enough to read another. I have a few books I read this year that would fit the category. I plan to write the review as soon as I can. All are from my TBD list and were recommend from blog friends

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i’m still not getting notifications from my bloggers regarding their posts and hope you don’t think i’m not ever going to get back to you. hopefully, i can start catching up again. however, i didn’t see a “like” thingy on this post–hope you know i appreciate all that you do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh don’t worry about that at all. I know you’re around and having difficulties with WP. The posts will be here 😊
      You are so welcome. It’s lovely to have wonderful bloggers to interact with 😀


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