Misplaced Monday (2)

Misplaced Monday


Misplaced Monday is a meme that was started by Merv over at MervReads and is ideal for posting reviews of books you may have read before you started blogging.

According to Merv: Misplaced Monday focuses on the books you have read but didn’t get the chance to review (because of some reasons like: being a new blogger, forgetting to post a review, did not think that the book deserved a review then but deserves it now, etc.).  Misplaced Monday works well for newer bloggers with unreviewed read books.


I’m also using Merv’s bullet book review standard for these posts as I find my memory isn’t so great for some of my older reads.  This review system allows me to highlight the key points that I do remember.


Today I’m reviewing:

Freaky Days: A Mystic Caravan Mystery, Book 1

by Amanda M Lee


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.25.20 PM

The show must go on … even when monsters are afoot.
Poet Parker is Romani by birth and a fortune teller by choice. As a member of Mystic Caravan Circus, she’s spent the past ten years using her psychic talents to tell people what their future holds by day and hunting paranormal monsters by night.
You see, Mystic Caravan is more than just a circus – it’s also a force of good in a world that needs help fighting evil.
Poet is set in her ways – and happy with her life – until Kade Denton shows up and upends the entire operation. He’s loud and proud – and Poet doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do.
As the new head of security, Kade thinks his only job is going to be tackling drunken revellers when they get out of hand. He’s in for a rude – and bloody – awakening.
When monsters strike and the truth comes out, Kade finds he has to learn on the job with Poet as his somewhat reluctant instructor.
Sparks are flying – both real and figurative – and when a truly terrible beast targets the circus for extermination it’s all magical hands on deck for the final showdown.
Some things are born evil, but the people in Mystic Caravan were born to fight it.
Prepare to be amazed.  (Amazon)

○ i have a physical copy
○ read an e-version, will definitely purchase physical book
●read an e-version, a physical book will be appreciated
○ read an e-version, not interested in its physical book
●a page-turner
●less than 300 pages
●diverse in any way
○ something’s lacking
●i laughed more than a few times
○ it’s j u s t awkward
●well-plotted mystery
○ one of the best books i’ve read
○ painful & sad/ tearjerker
○ a roller-coaster of emotions/ gave the feels
○ thrilling/ suspenseful
●paranormal elements
●romance included
○ confusing
●good world building
○ sooo relatable
●strong secondary characters
○ it is kind of annoying
●contains scary clowns and suspicious Carnival folk
○ it has a lot of flashbacks
●would recommend!
●would continue with the series
●great even for a reread
●definitely a YAY
○ i’m sorry it’s a NAY
○ it’s between YAY and NAY


  • I like the name Poet.  I find it’s cute, much like the heroine.  Her parents died when she was little and she ended up in foster care.  She’s not without her scars and her past makes her vulnerable in some ways.  In other ways, Poet is strong, compassionate and fearless.
  • Like many of Amanda M Lee’s heroines, Poet inspires fierce loyalty from those around her.  The secondary characters are fully fleshed out and it is easy for the reader to become invested in their well-being.
  • This is a well-constructed mystery playing out in a well-described magical world.


Happy Monday!

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  1. This sounds interesting! And the cover is quite something, haha! Oh, and I have to agree… Poet is a dang interesting name!
    Great post 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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