Looking Ahead – Jan 2018

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I’m taking part in a new monthly meme created by Tina over at Reading Between the Pages.   On the first day of each month she will post a Looking Ahead – This Month’s TBR List. If you have a TBR list for the month feel free to link in. You are more than welcome to use her image or one of your own. Tina thinks this will be a fun way to meet new bloggers, branch out to different genres, and find some new must-read books. I agree!  Go check out her website and join in the fun.


Here’s my January TBR.  I’m sure this list will be adjusted at some point.  But this is the plan:



180 Seconds by Jessica Park

Murder in Little Shendon by A H Richardson

The Ex Lottery by Kim Sanders

Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe by Richard Dee

Dreaming of Florence by T A Williams

Grave Discovery by Lily Harper Hart



What are you reading this month?


29 thoughts on “Looking Ahead – Jan 2018

      1. I’ve been wanting to read it ever since it came out and I finally got it last year l. We had planned to buddy read it then but things happened so we are just getting to it now. I’m so glad you are enjoying it.

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  1. This is a meme that I want to do. As I have 3 others for Friday, I will do it another day. I will need some time to do the post. Right now I am the middle of CLASS FOR CONCERN by Miranda James, a Diesel and Charlie story.

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  2. Great look at your tbr! I’m reading a few books right now. Lucky Bastard by Joe Buck (memoir), Malthus Revisited by Lin Wilder (crime thriller), King of Hearts by Eileen Putnam (Regency Romance) and Gray’s Promise by Anni Fife (Erotic Romantic Suspense. Happy Reading!

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