Throwback Thursday: Thistle While You Work

Throwback Thursday is a topic hosted by Renee at It’s Book Talk. It’s a chance to share some old favourites or books that have been on your ever growing To Be Read list.  You can check out Rene’s picks here.


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Do you ever have one of those days when you wish you were more assertive?  I don’t mean rude or obnoxious or even stern.  Just able to articulate very clearly, with no room for objection, what it is that you want… and then move on.  As happens in life, people sometimes piss me off. Sometimes it’s ongoing and it builds up until I say what I have to say.  Most times, I’m able to say it in a polite-ish manner, having learnt from past explosions when younger.  I don’t like confrontations so I’m always left feeling a bit guilty after, even when my anger is entirely justified, worse yet if I ended up being too hostile.  Anyway… enough venting.

The desire to be more unashamedly aggressive assertive brings me to today’s Throwback.  Thistle While You Work.  This is a Wicked Witches of the Midwest ‘Short’ i.e. novella, written by Amanda M. Lee.  Thistle is my inspiration for today as she has no problem expressing her opinions and desires.  She is abrasive and out right rude, if you get on her wrong side but she genuinely has a good heart.

If you need a little Thistle in your life today, here she is.

Thistle Winchester never thought of herself as responsible, but when Overlook helper Belinda gets a chance to go to a special conference and learn about opening her own business, Thistle volunteers to watch Belinda’s daughter Annie.
Thistle was the queen of rotten children so she thinks Annie will be easy. How hard can one child be to handle, after all? That feeling only lasts until Annie disappears into the frigid woods surrounding Hemlock Cove.
Thistle is at a loss and desperate to find her, so she calls for reinforcements. After that it’s a mad race, with everyone who loves Annie tearing apart the town to find her.


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I feel better already.

What’s your Throwback today?


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