Cozy Covers

One of the first attractions, for me, to Cozy Mysteries was the book covers.  They’re often artsy and comedic at the same time.  We’ve all heard the saying about not judging a book by its cover, but how can you resist picking up something that screams, “I’m entertaining!”  On the flipside, I’ve also bypassed what may be perfectly good Cozy reads because the cover didn’t catch my eye.

Below I’m sharing some book covers that caught my attention recently.  I haven’t actually read any of them as yet, just thought the covers were cute.

I love coffee and cupcakes.  In fact, I help my father sometimes with his little espresso bar.  This cover reeled me in pretty easily for that simple fact.

Aww…. do you see the little Yorkie stretching up and peeking out? Or are you more taken with the perfect picture window?

Great mansion: check.  Lush landscape: check. Night sky with full moon: check. Looks a bit isolated: check.  Perfect mystery setting laid.

I was a big fan of Silk Stalkings in the 1990s.  I still think Rob Estes is cute.  The cheerful colours, artfully displayed garments and peeking kitties piqued my interest in this one (not just the Rob Estes memory jog).

This one just made me laugh.  If my mug shot would look like that, I wouldn’t mind at all.


So, what do you think?  Please share some favourite Cozy covers of your own. And if you’ve read any of these books, let me know if you enjoyed them.


6 thoughts on “Cozy Covers

  1. Guilty as charged. The covers are what initially draw me in. I recently finished Killer Jam by Karen MacInerney. It has a great cover and the book is a Top Pick for me. I LOVED it. Another Cute cover is Maddie Day’s When The Grits Hit the Fan. It’s another favorite. I guess the eye-catching covers have been working out for me of late..

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  2. I may be weird but the cover usually doesn’t mean a whole lot to me (I think I am in the minority on that one!). I need a good, strong summary to get me interested. There could be a blank sheet of paper on the front but if it is a really twisty, intricate plot summary, then Im in! 🙂

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